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Discover the South Downs

Re-balance your mind, body, and soul on our hiking daybreaks and weekend trips just outside Brighton. We tailored the perfect day trip for you, bringing together beautiful places, scenic views, and history to create a truly relaxing experience for a proper break in the country site.

Enjoy Nature

Enjoy the fresh air and stunning views while making new friends. All our tours include some important historic sights like the South Downs way, old castles, and ancient woodlands

Lets Wander

Treat yourself to a hiking weekend in a cosy cottage near Brighton and have a break from every day's hustle. The Hiking Weekends paused due to lock-down-restrictions. Subscribe to our mailing list to get updates!

Let Go

Hiking, wellness, yoga, forest bathing, chi-gong. Explore our timetable for day retreats and weekend breaks.

Hiking in Brighton's Backyard

Did you know about the outstanding natural beauty and the spectacular countryside right behind Brighton? Brighton & Hove has several local nature reserves in and around the city! Join our Daytrips!

Brighton Panorama Walk
3 - 4 h

Explore Brighton's Countryside

Wide-open spaces, sheep, hills, and panoramic views. We included the stunning mount pleasure, and finish the walk at the famous windmill not far from the cliffs.

Bramber Castle Walk
4 - 5 h

A Walk Through History

A walk through history and a proper day out in the countryside with lovely sheep, flower-rich grassland, the famous old castle ruin, the river, and fresh sea air.

Ditchling Beacon Walk
4 - 5 h

Woodlands and Panoramas

A walk through woodlands and wide-open fields. From Stanmer Park to Ditchling Beacon, the highest point in East Sussex.

Wellness and Yoga Day Trips

Explore our upcoming outdoor yoga and wellness events. All Events are in and around Brighton and Hove.

Stanmer Park

Yoga and Meditation

A morning of practice in nature. Grounding, walking, yoga, meditation, and mantra.

Stanmer Park

Forest Bathing

Breath, flow and let go - yoga between trees followed by forest bathing.

Beacon Mill

Hiking and Yoga

Enjoy a morning of hiking and yoga in Brighton's local nature reserve.